Woman Up

Woman Up, Pegasus / World Child Cancer
Over 6,000 children are expected to develop cancer each year in Bangladesh, but only a quarter of these will ever receive a diagnosis. With a population of 164 million people, there are only six trained paediatric oncologists – all of whom are male. Despite overcrowded facilities, the majority of female nurses are overlooked and undervalued, despite being qualified to provide care in many areas. World Child Cancer wanted to combat this gender divide in East Asian healthcare systems by empowering female nurses and providing them with a voice they would not have otherwise had. The UK-based charity needed a campaign that highlighted the work they are doing equipping nurses at each unit with leadership and management skills, with donations at the heart of all tactics. But with research suggesting consumers are far more likely to donate to a cause they feel is close to home, the campaign needed to work to educate givers on the disparities of childhood cancer rates in developing countries, emotionally invest in a cause deemed ‘easy to ignore’, and encourage real-world action through tangible donation results.

Our WomanUp campaign spanned PR, digital and social platforms, and celebrated the achievements made possible when men and women work together on something truly important, highlighting that the future of paediatric cancer care should be no different. Through poignant use of photography, a topical design partnership, and utilising the most strategically-relevant stakeholders, the low-budget campaign (£10,000 fee + cost) ultimately raised £1Million, including support from key Government figures.