Where Do You Draw The Line?

Where Do You Draw The Line?, Lucky Generals / #timeTo
In 2018, the #timeTo initiative was founded with one clear objective, to end sexual harassment in the UK Advertising Industry. In 2019 we were tasked with not only continuing to raise awareness of the issue but to create behaviour change for the better. Unfortunately, the uncomfortable truth about sexual harassment is that it can often be a very grey area. We decided not to tell people how to behave, but rather invite them to decide for themselves by asking them, ‘where do you draw the line?’. To ensure we targeted behaviour in the moment we focussed on factors that we knew would make sexual harassment more likely to happen (travel, alcohol and events) and tied them to key industry moments; Cannes and the office Christmas party. We forensically identified those unexpected moments and touch-points where our message would be most relevant and arresting, causing people to reconsider their own behaviour; whether that was at the airport on your way to Cannes or a festive Christmas parcel for all industry leaders. The activity throughout 2019 raised awareness of #timeTo and ‘where do you draw the line?’, and whilst we can’t spy on everyone in the industry, online search and behaviour indicated that our message was not only being heard but considered and researched. Thanks to the support and shared passion of a multitude of different agencies and organisations we were able to make this campaign a success on a media budget of £0.