Wear it for me

TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg

Agency: MTN Group: Brand and Marketing Communications

#WearItForMe is MTN's campaign to create a meaningful intervention on preventative measures to curbing the spread of COVID-19 across Africa, and do it credibly.

We developed a campaign to shift mask wearing from begrudging to desirable amongst young Africans by helping them overcome the various barriers to wearing a mask. While there were many barriers that included access, and social mistrust or belief, we focused on an emotional motivator.

We reminded them to wear a mask not for themselves, but for the people they love the most, their moms.

We deployed moms as the ultimate influencers of behaviour and gave them our social platforms; using them as our primary campaign message and the people delivering the message. We made sure that every interaction through our campaign drove people to our campaign site.

Through this, the #WearItForMe campaign accumulated +687 million online impressions. An effective reach of 88.5% in key markets, over 17.3 million campaign actions across multiple sites and 1.2 million unique visits to the campaign site.

Achieving an effective message that changed attitudes to the most effective preventative behaviours in the fight against COVID-19, MTN was able to contribute to Africa in a time of need.