‘We Are the NHS’ nursing recruitment campaign

‘We Are the NHS’ nursing recruitment campaign, freuds / NHS England
Now, more than ever, we understand the value of our devoted NHS workforce. Our nurses have an incredible impact on our lives, but sadly, nursing vacancies remain high. The ‘We Are The NHS’ campaign sought to fill more of those vacancies and increase positive perceptions of working as an NHS nurse.

Building on the mass-scale awareness achieved by the campaign’s initial launch the previous year, freuds employed a fresh new PR approach in 2019, focussing in on a key target audience – 16-19 year-olds – soon to make important decisions about their future careers.

To inspire our next generation of remarkable NHS nurses, we needed to speak their language. Armed with research and insights, we made a move away from traditional media outlets to create a new talent, influencer and podcast-led strategy – a strategy which brought together the voices of a diverse range of online personalities and NHS nurses to showcase what it means to be an NHS nurse in 2020. Talent and influencers who supported did so in-kind, from the likes of Stephen Fry and Holly Willoughby, to micro-influencers with a strong teen audience.

We’re delighted that following the campaign, the 2019 UCAS cycle has shown a 6.7% increase in nursing applicants (a rise to 54,225) – the first increase since 2017 – and a new all-time record for acceptances (30,390), highlighting the high calibre of applicants secured. These individuals will help the NHS deliver world-class care and save lives every day, through our present-day challenges and in years to come.