Travel to 2050

Travel to 2050, AMVBBDO / Smart Energy GB & National Trust
"Smart Energy GB needed to get the British public to accept a smart meter, but one key audience remained sceptical: the over 65s. Telling them wouldn’t work. We had to show them the positive environmental impact that smart meters could make.

So, Smart Energy GB partnered with the National Trust to do just that. ‘Travel to 2050’ was a technologically complex project which created an immersive time travel experience to dramatise the potential effects of increasing carbon emissions to National Trust sites over time. Visitors travelled though time using a mixture of augmented reality technology, 3D sound design, CGI and LED light design. Each experience was tailored and CGI-mapped to its precise location, then connected to a live feed, to create the illusion of physically moving through time.

The experience successfully made the climate crisis seem tangible and repositioned smart meters as an essential next step in modernising Britain’s energy system and building a more sustainable future. We saw a 41% increase in those considering a smart meter and a 50% increase in those saying they would definitely accept a smart meter."