The National Lottery’s 25th Birthday

The National Lottery’s 25th Birthday, freuds / The National Lottery
In 2019 The National Lottery Promotions Unit brought freuds on board to help them celebrate its 25th Birthday with everybody in the U.K. and bring to light the £40 billion that The National Lottery players have raised for good causes over the years.

The story of the past 25 years isn’t just about The National Lottery (TNL), but all the lives touched over the years. Our approach was to bring individuals across the U.K. into the celebrations by connecting their personal passions with the opportunities TNL has opened up for individuals, communities and the country.

To achieve this, we created 25x25 – 25 days of exceptional campaign moments in the lead up to the birthday milestone, each linked to the national moments and social contributions TNL enables. To support these moments, we brought in celebrities with a relevant talent, or personal experience, that enabled them to connect directly with the audiences who shared these.

Engaging high profile figures that represented a diversity of passions, experiences and backgrounds was pivotal to reaching and connecting with everyone across the country.

It wasn’t enough simply to engage recognisable faces, these individuals needed to be able to speak authentically about TNL’s reach and impact. In total we engaged 70 talent representing unique passion points throughout the birthday programme and through their social channels, reached a combined audience of over 49 million.