The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece, Hill + Knowlton Strategies / Smart Energy GB
Everyone is talking about climate change and saving the planet, but we aren’t talking about the one significant way in which Great Britain could meet its climate change goals: energy efficiency and reducing energy waste. All because the majority of people don’t see it as important. Smart Energy GB wanted to tackle this disparity and for the first time expose this deafening silence around energy efficiency in the climate conversation.

Working with Hill + Knowlton Strategies, we created a campaign in partnership with the University of Salford and the Energy Saving Trust, which increased the conversation around energy efficiency and demonstrated how not talking about this topic was misplaced.

Research for the campaign found that energy efficiency is covered in less than 3 per cent of our climate change conversations, across media coverage, parliamentary debates and social media. Yet, if every household took action on energy efficiency now, we could achieve 11 per cent of the UK’s 2050 carbon target. This is because energy efficiency is the missing piece in the climate change debate.

The Missing Piece was supported by environmental campaigner Chris Packham and highlighted the crucial role that smart meters play and illustrated the absence of energy saving in the climate conversation.

Through earned channels alone we delivered 53.2 million media impressions from 410 pieces of editorial coverage and achieved a significant increase in audience engagement. Social influencers helped the campaign secure a further 1.8 million impressions.

The campaign was also raised in the Scottish Parliament as part of a wider climate change debate and MPs in Westminster were briefed on the campaign, with many issuing supporting comments to local media.