According to the 2018 YouGov Polling 3% of adults in Britain stammer and 99% feel shame regarding their stammer. It’s an issue that is not well understood or taken seriously by many with 50% of the survey participants believing a stammer is caused by nerves, and 1 in 5 people claiming they don’t mind if someone makes a joke about stammering.

Zag worked with the new CEO of the British Stammering Association Jane Powell to rectify common misconceptions around stammering and to encourage those who stammer, their families and friends, to strive to discover and understand more. In order to put this ambition into action, Zag created a new name, brand identity and campaign device to give their messaging a greater impact.

STAMMA is a name that doesn’t disguise or normalise but stands up for the stammerer. The flexible typography creates spaces to educate the world about stammering, by revealing the inner thoughts and frustrations people have when they stammer. All the quotes are real quotes, collected from the thousands of members from the association.

The bold and unapologetic approach gave the organisation and its members a refreshingly confident voice, while making a direct emotional impact on the public. Since the campaign and website went live, according to yougov poll 2019, the awareness of STAMMA doubled, celebrity ambassadors came on board, over 100 articles have been authored by the community helping fellow stammerers with dating, job hunting and parenting advice, and both the helpline calls and volunteering have tripled.