Somewhere to Believe In

Somewhere to Believe In, Stein IAS / WIN
New York City has around 23,000 homeless children, so the Stein IAS New York office chose charity WIN as the beneficiary of their creative Christmas charity project. With the campaign focussed on children in need, we wanted this project to tell the story of these most unfortunate, ordinary kids, and produce something that children and their parents could have and love. With a limited budget (zero), we needed a simple yet creative idea that would really speak to the hearts of our audience. Our main goal was to raise awareness of the desperate situation in NY.

The idea to produce a children’s book dealing with the subject was carried out entirely in house. ‘Somewhere to Believe In’ follows Santa on his journey to help a little girl without an address to deliver presents to, using proprietary illustration and content to create an enthralling story. The campaign also involved a short film using animation of the images used in the book, as well as a site to raise awareness of the shocking homeless statistics, place donations and buy a copy of the book.

Please watch the animated version of the book