SMASHED: The Looking Glass

SMASHED: The Looking Glass, Kindred, The Fawnbrake Collective, Craft and December19 / The Film and TV Charity
This is a case study about a charity repositioning and relaunching, but doing so in an original and creative way. We believe this is a case study as creative as the people that The Film and TV Charity seeks to help and support, delivered in collaboration with them.

Approaching its 100-year founding anniversary, The Film and TV Charity urgently needed to reposition and relaunch to gain awareness and credibility amongst its audience, many of whom had never heard of the organisation.

The charity often hears stories that others don’t. Insights gathered from its 24/7 support line prompted them to take action and lift the lid on the scale of mental health issues in the sector and coordinate an urgent industry-wide response. We designed a relaunch campaign that instead of focusing on the findings, focused on bringing the industry together to ask the question – “are you smashing it at work, or is work smashing you?”.

Our campaign was designed to position the charity as an innovative and purpose driven organisation; build awareness and relevance; and provide a credible foundation to deliver a compelling case for investment in the mental health of the industry’s workforce. As well as engaging nearly 10,000 people who work in film and TV to add their voices to the first study of its kind, the campaign enabled the charity to be the driving force that brought the industry together – for the first time ever – spearheading lasting solutions and changing the dynamics of an entire industry for good.