Shoespiracy, Vivobarefoot
In 2019, Vivobarefoot launched Shoespiracy as a way of addressing a foot-shaped public health issue. As humans have evolved, a vast proportion of these years were spent barefoot, but since the development of shoes, and the running boom in the 20th century, there has been much more research focused on improving these shoes compared to the actual affects they are having on our feet.
As part of a mini-documentary series with Fable Films, Shoespiracy looks into the negative impact modern shoes have on our feet. The video speaks to experts from across the health, fitness and footwear industry to shed light on the real impact of modern shoes. The documentary was the first of its kind to address such an issue, positioning Vivobarefoot as a leading voice in the discussion. The campaign resulted in the video being viewed over 1.5million times, along with OOH and digital advertising support and press coverage with relevant titles.