Pick it up, throw it in, feed the bin!

First Lady Agency

Agency: The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation

Candy- and snack wrappers make up for 29% of all the litter on Swedish streets. Much of this ends up in the ocean. Young people are still not seeing littering as a big environmental problem, as they tend to think 'someone else will pick it up' In the fall of 2020, non-profit foundation Keep Sweden Tidy launched a social campaign to engage young teenagers in the litter problem.

We created the action-packed social campaign Pick it up, Throw it in, Feed the Bin and launched it on TikTok and Instagram. In a series of films we asked teens to feed bins pimped as 'trash monsters' candy wrappers in the coolest way possible, tapping into the 'haters will say it's fake' trend. Our videos encouraged teens to make their own versions and join in.

The videos were shot with smartphones on the go to blend into the feed in an authentic way, and a specific 'TikTok track' was created to drive the campaign.

Influencers and teens joined in and trash monsters started popping up all over the country as the engagement grew. The campaign and reach exceeded all expectations with millions of views, shares, likes and remakes. Most importantly The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation engaged a whole new audience in the litter problem, gained a following and got hundreds of thousands of new young fans on a new platform.