11 london

Agency: Earthwatch Europe

The UK's wildlife is under severe threat with 41% of native species in decline since 1970. However, there is a solution to this crisis - one that we can all take part in. Individual gardens and outdoor spaces occupy a landmass almost twice the size of the Lake District. By empowering people to take action to 'join up'these outdoor spaces, we can create a thriving national network of 'Naturehoods' that can better support local wildlife and help to slow species decline.

During the first lockdown of 2020, 11 London helped Earthwatch Europe to launch Naturehood, a nationwide project to help people support local biodiversity. Our campaign generated over 40,000 leads and sign ups, enabling Naturehood to gain the critical mass it needed to become a national success. Our creative recruited 40 new Naturehood Community Leaders who have continued to inspire their communities to take action to support biodiversity, in lockdown and beyond.

During a year of isolation, when many people were struggling to find community and purpose, Naturehood provided individuals around the country with both. Community Leader and teacher, Russell Fisher testifies, 'Nature means absolutely everything to me. I'm very passionate about it, but I know I don't know everything. That's the beauty of it - you never stop learning, and there's no entry criteria for joining in.'