National Refill Day

National Refill Day, 23red / City to Sea / Refill
By now, we all know that plastic bottles are bad for our oceans. Yet, many of us still buy them. Why? Because people don’t know where they can fill up or they feel uncomfortable asking in a business where they’re not making a purchase.

City to Sea’s Refill campaign connects thirsty people to thousands of Refill Stations across the UK via a free location-based app so that no one needs to buy plastic. In the run-up to National Refill Day, Refill wanted to educate the public on the power of refilling and drive downloads of the app – stopping plastic pollution at the source.

A two-fold campaign raised awareness about the benefits of refilling and made noise about the plastic pollution issue through a PR-able stunt.

First, Refill asked people whether they’d #GotTheBottle to ditch plastic through witty copy on Social, and in OOH. Using an editable template to keep the headlines fresh and relevant.

Next, in a UK-first, they transformed digital screens into 'Hydration Stations' where people could refill their water bottles and free a trapped fish on-screen. The screens requested passers-by to use the water fountain in front of the screen as a bottle refill point. When used, the fountain triggered the release of the fish by making the bottle around it disappear. Once free, the fish playfully thanked the user and swam away.

As a result, the app received 30,000 additional downloads and businesses collectively added 1,500 new Refill stations to the map.