MullenLowe Group UK

MullenLowe Group UK
Despite the sudden need to be exceptionally choiceful about how much - if any - resource we dedicate to Awards, this is an unapologetic pitch to be named Purpose Agency of the Year and so retain our yellow jersey after winning the equivalent Campaigns for Good title in 2019.

We didn’t know then what we know now of course, but we spent 2019 setting our clients’ brands and indeed our own brand up for future success. And we did so with purpose as our guiding principle, right across the Group.

At MullenLowe, purpose is not a fad and is not viewed as a commercial diversion or drag: indeed, quite the opposite. It gives brands and companies both a role and a soul, and the evidence from Unilever is that their most purposeful brands are their fastest-growing also: in practice, not in theory.

Purpose famously guides that venerable company, of course, and 2019 was in some ways just another year for us in terms of building campaigns of all kinds (but always with a social mission) for Persil, Dove and Domestos.

But our grasp of purpose was also behind much of the other work we did: for Art Fund, British Heart Foundation, the Co-operative Bank and - not least - the NHS. (It also helped us to win business from the likes of Bayer, Bupa and Danone.)

Finally, purpose also sets our culture, not just our offering. MullenLowe Group is a good business doing good business, just like Larry Fink said."