Lucky Bastards

Lucky Bastards, Lucky Generals
Lucky Bastards was a highly unusual initiative to tackle hatred on social media. It was developed as an in-house project, by creative agency Lucky Generals. As the company was paying for the campaign out of its own pockets, the budget was tiny (only £2,000). But thanks to a very creative approach, it made a difference to a huge societal problem.

Rather than fight fire with fire (and possibly inflame matters further), Lucky Bastards disarmed online bigots by turning their messages of hate into donations to good causes: causes related to the very groups that were being abused. Over a hundred charities benefited, from faith groups to ethnic minority associations, LGBTQ+ campaigners to refugee networks. Obviously, there is still plenty of vitriol out there – but this campaign showed that social media can be a powerful force for good, not just evil.