Life Saving Wax

Life Saving Wax, Freuds & Proud Robinson + Partners / Public Health England and Treatwell
If so many women are comfortable enough to strip off in front of a beautician for an intimate treatment, why are so many still too embarrassed to visit their GP to take a potentially life-saving cervical screening test?

Posing this simple question, grounded in inarguable audience insight, we were able to challenge two of the most critical barriers in women attending screening – embarrassment and lack of understanding – reframing the conversation to help inspire genuine, life-saving behaviour change.

To follow on from Public Health England’s ‘Cervical Screening Saves Lives’ campaign, freuds, and its sister agency Proud Robinson + Partners, developed the ‘Life Saving Wax’ initiative – an innovative cross-sector partnership between Public Health England and beauty booking platform, Treatwell.

Through this unique partnership, we rolled out a nationwide campaign to open up the conversation, using Public Health expertise and Treatwell’s vast network of salons.

We delivered this message directly to women through trusted advocates – beauty therapists. Leveraging the unique dynamic between beauty therapist and client, and the ‘safe space’ of the salon, ‘Life Saving Wax’ opened up the conversation around cervical screening and in doing so, we repositioned screening as a potentially life-saving part of the self-care routine.

During the initial roll out, over 1,500 beauty therapists signed up and the campaign resulted in 100,000 more cervical screening samples recorded over the 3-month campaign period, compared to the same period in the previous year demonstrating significant behaviour change, as noted by the UK’s Nudge Unit.