Giving to Help Others - All about Organs

Giving to Help Others - All about Organs, EVERFI EdComs / Team Margot Foundation & All Good Co. CIC Orgamites
Giving to Help Others is an education programme, established by the charity Team Margot Foundation, in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant. The programme seeks to change perceptions and behaviours in relation to blood, bone marrow, stem cell and organ donation.

In 2019, the charity created a new module to add to its suite of educational resources. All about Organs was developed in response to the fact that on average in the UK three people die every day awaiting an organ transplant and that part of the reason for this is that not enough people are talking to their loved ones about organ donation.

Team Margot Foundation joined forces with The Orgamites to create All About Organs; a set of engaging classroom resources which introduce the child-friendly Orgamites characters, who teach primary-aged pupils to identify the organs and their functions and to begin exploring the concept of organ donation. Homework activities and games encouraged pupils to discuss their learning with their families at home.

This creative approach allowed Team Margot Foundation to approach a potentially sensitive topic in an engaging and accessible way, while recognising schools as a gateway to impact the perceptions and behaviours of the next generation.

All about Organs has generated significant engagement from primary teachers, driving more than 3,700 website visits and sparking conversations about organ donation among educators and families.