Food Waste Action Week


Food Waste Action Week was a pivotal moment in showing how wasting food contributes to climate change. Developed by the environmental charity WRAP, this powerful week of action under our consumer-facing brand Love Food Hate Waste helped people realise the simple, positive actions they can take every day to waste less food at home. Roughly 1 in 3 UK adults recall seeing or hearing about the issue of wasted food during the Week, equivalent to 17.5 million people. With support from over 130 partners (including retailers, manufacturers, universities, local authorities, and more), and chef Nadiya Hussain as the main celebrity spokesperson, Food Waste Action Week gained extensive press coverage, sharing the sobering message that 70% of food wasted in the UK comes from households.

Food Waste Action Week focused on seven actions as ways to make a difference, backed up by thorough research and understanding of citizen behaviours. It provided tools and advice for creating long-term habits, and challenged people to share their favourite methods for wasting less. By creating this sense of community, we empowered people to realise that everyone has the power to effect change. The importance of the issue was communicated with striking, evocative messages and imagery of the world in decay due to pressure on our planet's precious resources: wasting food feeds climate change.