First for Women #16DaysOfLight

First for Women #16DaysOfLight, Foxp2 / First for Women Insurance
The SA insurance category is cluttered. First for Women (FFW), a challenger insurance brand that’s specifically designed for women, has to cut through in clever ways to remain salient and build affinity brand status.

To this end, FFW builds campaigns around calendar periods that solely focus on women. Our brief was to position FFW as a leader in the fight against women abuse during 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Our voice needed to rise above the noise that surrounds both 16 Days of Activism and general social GBV outrage. However, despite this noise, GBV in SA continues unabated. Our challenge thus deepened: we needed to mobilise a nation - where GBV is widespread, desensitized, almost normalized - to notice, rethink, and choose to fight against its darkness.

So we brought it into the light, projecting light tributes onto some of the darkest places in SA - the actual locations of femicides – turning #16DaysOfActivism into #16DaysOfLight. The campaign elicited action at and in just 16 short days’s performance increased drastically with visitors increasing by 2000% and pledges increasing by 456% since October 2019.

But the only number that actually really matters is the 147 women who visited the site to seek help.

The break-through nature of the campaign additionally caught the attention of local government and UN Women; who pledged with FFW to turn #16DaysOfActivism into #365DaysOfLight yearly, further proving what a little light can do to help change the tide against GBV for good.