Fight Fire with Fire

Fight Fire with Fire, DeVries Global / Zippo
Fire is our oldest tool; one we’ve wielded for millennia to achieve incredible feats. Its power is great, but at times, difficult to control. Across the globe, fires destroy 4% of our forested land a year and a staggering 84% of those fires are caused by human hand. As creators of one of the most famous flames, Zippo® is intimately aware of fire’s usefulness. But as we have witnessed with recent wildfire devastation across the globe, it has the ability to destroy, as well as create. Working with WOODCHUCK USA, we created a collection of sustainably sourced wood emblem lighters with a powerful promise: BUY ONE. PLANT ONE. ® A program designed to support reforestation efforts in the aftermath of fire. For every lighter sold, a tree was planted, putting the power to make a positive difference, to Fight Fire with Fire, into individual hands.