Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters, freuds / Public Health England & NHS England
The Government’s first-ever mental health campaign connected 1.6 million people to much-needed advice services, while reframing the mental health conversation and establishing a new digital model for preventative care.

One in four adults in England tackle mental health problems. With demand for services rising fast, freuds was tasked with generating mass engagement with a new online tool created by Public Health England and the NHS.

The resulting campaign sought to reach the thousands of people too afraid to seek help, while enabling the public to create personal action plans to protect their wellbeing.

freuds’ strategy encouraged public figures from across different age groups, backgrounds and ethnicities to admit to mental health problems, calculating the public would then have the confidence to do the same. The campaign also ‘normalised’ these experiences by interweaving them with non-celebrity case studies.

The ambitious decision was taken to approach the Royal Family’s ‘Fab Four’ – the Duke and Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge – because of their personal and charitable connections to the issue. Their backing acted to galvanise other leading figures to give their time for free, including: Gillian Anderson, Glenn Close, Andrew Flintoff, Professor Green, Davina McCall and others.

The results demonstrated an astonishing and immediate impact with the campaign’s three-year goal of 1 million action plans reached in just three weeks.

The success of the campaign with key hard to reach audiences, including men from C2DE groups, proved transformational – highlighting the previously hidden actions that can be taken every day to protect mental health.