#erasethegrey, Glasgow Caledonian University
The #erasethegrey campaign is an innovative, visually striking campaign with three key aims: to tackle the silence around gender based violence (GBV); to challenge the widespread myths around GBV; and to highlight sources of support for those affected. With an eye-catching visual of white and grey text on a black background, delivered through media including posters, banners and digital animations, the campaign messages are aimed at all members of our community – staff, students and visitors. As a fundamental aspect of equality and inclusion, all organisations must address GBV and take steps to prevent its occurrence, challenge the cultures that support it, and respond effectively when such violence occurs. #erasethegrey is a central part of GCU’s strategy to address GBV.

The campaign was designed, developed and delivered entirely in-house and is the result of co-production by staff and students at GCU pooling knowledge and skills and demonstrates cross institutional collaboration. The 14 messages within the campaign address the wide spectrum of GBV, tackling myths about rape, sexual harassment, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, stalking, domestic abuse and relationship violence, and everyday sexism.

Following considerable interest in, and recognition for the campaign, and in line with GCU’s mission for the ‘common good’ we made the campaign available to others free of charge under licence, in order to maximise value, cost-effectiveness and to support societal efforts to address GBV. To date, the campaign has been used by 10 organisations across the UK including by Police Scotland as a nationwide campaign.