Donate Your Words

Donate Your Words, Carat UK / Mondelēz International | Cadbury Dairy Milk
In the UK, 225,000 older people go a whole five days a week without speaking to anyone. They go wordless. It’s a real national crisis. While many organisations recognise the need for change, instigating it is a different task altogether. Cadbury wanted to do something more than simply paying lip service to the problem by showcasing the generous spirit that sits at the heart of the brand through its behaviour. We needed to bring the Cadbury spirit of generosity to life by revolutionising our thinking with something brave. So, we partnered with Age UK to shine a light on this wordless generation by developing an approach that would get the nation to generously ‘Donate Their Words’. This through-the-line campaign would not only open the conversation around the topic, but also demonstrate the effects of loneliness to ‘social’ heavy generations and give people the platform to take action……and it all started with that iconic purple bar.