Disability Rights Campaign

Disability Rights Campaign, Language / Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
Anyone can have a disability. It’s people’s perceptions that need to change because disability is not going away, it’s part of being a human, and I think the main thing that we need to change is people’s perception and awareness of disability.' - Shelly Gaynor, Participant

Destigmatising existing misperceptions, the ‘Because we’re all human. Means we’re all equal.’ national awareness campaign was designed to challenge societal and individual attitudes that limit people with disabilities’ participation in everyday life. The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (‘The Commission’) campaign brief set out to create impact by raising awareness of the respect for, and dignity of, people living with disabilities.

In Ireland, 75% of people know someone living with a disability. ‘Because we’re all human. Means we’re all equal.’ created a humanising platform for individuals to share personal, everyday experiences that everyone can relate to. Thirteen 30 minute non-scripted interviews were conducted with a range of people with disabilities, beginning with the statement, ‘Just because I have a disability, doesn’t mean I…’. The authentic responses created diverse and powerful insights into the everyday obstructions and attitudes that people with disabilities face - surprising, bizarre, frustrating, and eloquently bringing home the message that equal opportunity benefits all of us.

To date, the campaign has surpassed all KPIs and benchmarks with 87% of Irish adults wanting to see more of our campaign in the future and over 75% agreeing that there needs to be greater visibility and participation in society of people with disabilities.