DHL's Got Heart

DHL's Got Heart, The Maverick Group / DHL Express
Global brand DHL have a business purpose articulated as ‘Connecting People, Improving Lives’. They tasked Maverick with developing a program that would bring this idea to life across 220 countries and 100,000 employees.

We discovered that many of their people were already highly engaged in charitable projects within their own communities. We set out to create a unifying campaign that would bring these many and diverse causes under a single banner: DHL’s Got Heart.

We hit upon the concept of a friendly competition between nations with individuals promoting their voluntary work via a central digital hub. Maverick developed a suite of communications around the campaign with the focus on engaging the staff at an emotional level. The suite included everything from posters and merchandising through to video messages from the CEO and a scripted gala prize giving event. Maverick also sent a film crew around the world to capture the most powerful stories.

Within weeks over 350 staff in 100 different countries had uploaded their contributions to the campaign, driving more than 15,000 visitors to the site. At a series of awards in 6 separate countries, DHL Express donated €500,000 to 18 regional winners and 100 country winners.

DHL’s Got Heart is now firmly embedded in the company calendar and the business has pledged a further €850,000 to this year’s campaign. Most importantly, DGH has encouraged even more DHL people across the world to get involved with their own worthy causes with the aim of 'Connecting People and Improving Lives'.