Community Fridge Network

Barley Communications

Agency: Hubbub

In September 2020, Barley used HRH The Prince of Wales' opening of Hubbub's 100th community fridge at Dumfries House as a 'hook' to grab the attention of local food retailers and food service businesses to donate surplus food and raise the fridge's visibility among vulnerable community members. The opening also aimed to secure high visibility national coverage, paving the way for the Network's continued growth.

198 coverage items were achieved, and the Network is now redistributing surplus food equal to approximately 1.9 million meals. Hubbub has responded to over 2,000 expressions of interest about community fridges, and a further 70 community fridges are expected to open over the next year. This high-profile campaign has also helped secure substantial funding from a major retailer for an exciting next phase, soon to be announced.

The campaign is responsible for the repositioning of the issue and solutions to food waste and food insecurity. With food banks having been the only well-known solution to food insecurity, publicity for the Community Fridge Network has been instrumental in shifting away from stigmatising free food services users. This claim is supported by the title of the feature piece in The Sunday Telegraph - "A cool way to tackle the problem of food waste" describing the Network's ethos as "free provision for all, without stigma."