#ChangeTheOdds, Mercy Ships UK
Between 01/10/2019 and 31/12/2019 Mercy Ships ran a UK Aid Match supported campaign called #ChangeTheOdds which aimed to generate awareness about the global surgery crisis, the work of Mercy Ships and to raise £1.2 million that would be used to fund projects in Senegal and West Africa.

This fully integrated multi-platform campaign utilised remarketing technology as well as traditional advertising, fundraising events and press releases to reach a new audience.

The faces of this campaign were two sisters from Cameroon, Salimatou and Miriama, who both suffered from a condition called Valgus. This caused a deformity in their legs, making walking extremely difficult, preventing them from accessing an education. They received treatment onboard the Africa Mercy and as a result were able to return to school, restoring their future.

The story of these two sisters was a key part of the campaign messaging and included photos and quotes from both the girls and their family.

This awareness and fundraising campaign was a huge success with over 36 million recorded oportunities to view and more than double its fundraising goal with the final income figure at £2,809,769 including £1,327,800 matched funding from the UK government.

This additional, unexpected income has allowed Mercy Ships to extend its medical capacity building project in Senegal and create a Biomedical training programme for 18 people. This course will provide biomedical engineering skills that are currently in short supply in Senegal, which will then support the continuing improvement of the healthcare infrastructure of this West African country.