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Melanoma skin cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the UK, but 86% of melanoma skin cancer cases are preventable. Five serious sunburns during childhood can increase the risk of skin cancer by 80%, which is why the Soltan Sun Ready education programme seeks to instil sun safe habits that last a lifetime and forms a key part of Soltan’s brand purpose: to stop skin cancer & preventable skin damage from the sun.

The programme, developed by EdComs and aimed at young people aged 4-11, parents and teachers, provides credible and up-to-date information with a clear message from a trusted expert source, including engaging curriculum-linked teaching resources, an AR app, films, and a national competition.

Over half a million children have been educated by Soltan Sun Ready and evidence shows that not only has the programme raised awareness of the issue, it has also significantly increased knowledge and understanding of sun safety and changed young people’s behaviour.