Back Her Business

Back Her Business, Vayner Media / NatWest Group
In 2019, off the back of The Alison Rose Review on Female Entrepreneurship, the UK Treasury identified that female entrepreneurs receive 157 times less funding than male owned businesses. Women-only funding teams were given £32 million in 2017, while male-only teams received more than £5 billion to start their businesses, according to Treasury figures. It’s clear that there is a disparity existing between female and male entrepreneurs. It’s unacceptable and holding the UK back.

To address this, NatWest drew on their ambitions to create the UK’s most exciting and accessible business start-up programme for women ever. And with that, Back Her Business was born. A place for female business owners to showcase their business ideas, giving everyone the chance to back these women-led businesses through crowdfunded donations. In partnership with CrowdFunder, a programme was created to help get more ideas off the ground and into the real world.

But, our ambitions extend beyond funding on the crowdfunding platform. Each year, NatWest spends hundreds of thousands of pounds on marketing and advertising space. So, in a time when women are still struggling to get their business ideas heard, it felt natural to repurpose this ad space, swapping what would normally be an advert for a NatWest product or service for one that showcases the ideas of a female business owner going through our programme. We support the businesses going through Back Her Business, loud and proud.